Plug-In Hybrid Vs Fully Electric Car – What Should You Go For?

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Many people who drive all-electric cars (EVs) take a dim view on plug-in hybrids. They think hybrids are just “pretenders” that are draped in false eco-friendly veneer. In their defense, plug-in hybrid owners respond by saying that, most of the time, their cars are running on electrons instead of molecules, and that they can actually drive to another city and come back on the same day, without having to stay overnight to recharge their car (ouch). […]

Range Rover Evoque: The Best Luxury Compact SUV Right Now?

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Over the last decade, Land Rover has seen an exponential growth in revenues and popularity. There is a variety of reasons behind this sudden growth, with a major one being the Range Rover Evoque, or the “baby Range Rover” as it’s affectionately called. […]

The Top All-Electric Cars of 2019

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Contrary to popular belief, electric vehicles have been around for a while now. As a matter of fact, the first all-electric car was developed way back in the 1830s. What’s new about EV’s is that only recently they’ve started to compete with conventional fuel-powered cars for a share in the automotive market. In recent times, battery and charging technology have advanced significantly, thanks to which EV’s have finally become feasible alternatives to gas and diesel powered cars. The best EVs available today make a compelling pitch to car buyers. In addition to being packed with technology, electric cars are easy to drive, practical, and relatively inexpensive to run. While their sticker prices may be a tad higher than their gasoline powered counterparts, you get great tax rebates and incentives which can reduce the cost by thousands, regardless of whether you’re leasing or buying.

Hydrogen Cars: Are They Worth It?

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With hybrids and EVS now having gained a firm foothold in the auto market, hydrogen powered vehicles are all set to become the next big tech trend in the automotive landscape. Also referred to as hydrogen fuel cell cars, or FCEVs, hydrogen cars were first introduced in the United States by Honda, when they launched the FCX Clarity back in 2008. Their Japanese rivals, Toyota, then entered the segment in 2014 when they launched the Mirai FCEV. However, it can be safely said that hydrogen cars have kept a pretty low profile since. Over the course of this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at FCEVs. We’ll discuss how the technology works, if buying a hydrogen car a worthy investment, and the different FCEV options that are available right now.

The Best American Muscle Cars You Can Buy in 2019

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Close your eyes and imagine the most American things you can think of. Three things will pop into your mind: hamburgers, Johnny Cash, and muscle cars. Yes, we Americans love our muscle cars. Unlike most other performance cars, which are ostentatious and flashy, there’s something incredibly honest and liberating about a muscle car – something that is difficult to describe in words. That low slung profile, that throaty engine growl and monstrous straight line performance. That’s what muscle cars are about. If we had to describe them in one word, perhaps “cool” would be the most appropriate one. Yes, muscle cars are just really cool. While muscle cars have always been adored in the United States, they’ve often been made the subject of ridicule by European and Asian car enthusiasts.

At what mileage should a car be serviced?

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