4 Affordable Sports Cars You Can Buy in 2019

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For most car enthusiasts, the thought of owning a sports car sends a tingle down their spine. Sports cars are a true embodiment of automotive excellence. It’s hard to pinpoint what it is about sports cars that fascinates car enthusiasts the most – the thrill, the power of the engine or the allure of cutting-edge technology. The best answer: it’s a combination of all these factors, which leave us in awe of sports cars. […]

2019 Tesla Model 3 VS 2019 BMW i3 – Can BMW End Tesla’s Domination of the EV Market

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When you think of electric cars, the first image that springs to your mind would probably be a car manufactured by Tesla. That’s not a testament to your lack of knowledge about electric vehicles, but instead, it’s proof of Tesla’s dominance of the EV segment. Over the past decade, Tesla has been at the forefront of state-of-the-art electric cars that continually raises the bar for competitors, making them almost impossible to catch. […]

Plug-In Hybrid Vs Fully Electric Car – What Should You Go For?

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Many people who drive all-electric cars (EVs) take a dim view on plug-in hybrids. They think hybrids are just “pretenders” that are draped in false eco-friendly veneer. In their defense, plug-in hybrid owners respond by saying that, most of the time, their cars are running on electrons instead of molecules, and that they can actually drive to another city and come back on the same day, without having to stay overnight to recharge their car (ouch). […]

Range Rover Evoque: The Best Luxury Compact SUV Right Now?

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Over the last decade, Land Rover has seen an exponential growth in revenues and popularity. There is a variety of reasons behind this sudden growth, with a major one being the Range Rover Evoque, or the “baby Range Rover” as it’s affectionately called. […]